baby girl. hungry girl. growing girl. quiet girl. bullied girl. weird girl. lonely girl. scared girl. big girl. worried girl. clever girl. starving girl. peculiar girl. that girl. problematic girl. hungry girl. sad girl. cutter girl. liar girl. attention seeking girl. ugly girl. fat girl. shrinking girl. artsy girl. creative girl. fake girl. confused girl. recovering girl. changed girl. vulnerable girl. lovely girl. clingy girl. fearful girl. annoying girl. loud girl. fixed girl. hurting girl. strange girl. out of place girl. mean girl. rude girl. loud girl. smart girl. going far girl. future girl. cunt girl. bully girl. insensitive girl. misplaced girl. changing girl. new girl. perfect girl. godlike girl. ascending girl.

mad girl.

and when these things happen, who truly is to blame? surely not Girl. for She is the example, She is nothing and yet also everything. She is without flaw. for She is continuosly both nothing and everything.

She is perfection personified.