we truly are the only people meant for each other. a perfect patch, a perfect pair. i crave you, and you need me. but how can this ever work when you are a million worlds away, every word you share with her pushing you further and further. maybe this is just how it is, and how it always will be. but i wont give up on you until you give up on me.

together we form perfection, in the only true sense of the word. we are like a gun and bullet, we are not much apart but when we are together.. we can create change. art. we can do great.

are you even real? or nothing but another figment of my imagination? a cruel masochistic daydream? but if you would just let me love you, you'd have never felt more real.

you are nothing without me. i am nothing without you. just let me have this, just let me have you

you're not much more than a broken vase, but i will sweep together your jagged pieces and glue you back together. let me make you whole